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At Home in Your Dharma Body — Part 5

Katie Walking Labyrinth 2 by James Jen

The Dharma body isn’t given to you by someone else. It is deep within you and it is a matter of discovering it. When you practice walking meditation, you can release your anger and sorrow. You can look more deeply into the reality of things and get rid of all your illusions, cravings, and desires. That means that you have the body of the Dharma within you. You will suffer less if you know how to make use of your Dharma body. You’ll be freer, more peaceful, and happier. The Buddha and the Sangha can help you touch deeply the Dharma body within you. Since the Dharma body is deep in you, the Buddha body is also there. You are a Buddha-to-be. You carry with you your physical body, your Dhamra body, and your Buddha body. 

Thich Nhat Hanh
from Going Home; Jesus and Buddha as Brothers