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Daily Dharma

Transforming Heartbreak into Wisdom

Transforming Heartbreak into Wisdom A conversation that took place between two American women describes [the] intimate relationship between physical and immaterial forms of dying. One… Read More »Transforming Heartbreak into Wisdom

The Taoteching #20

The Taoteching #20 Yes and noaren’t so far apartlovely and uglyaren’t so unalikewhat other fearwe too must fearbefore the moon waneseveryone is gayas if they… Read More »The Taoteching #20

No Lofty Objectives

No Lofty Objectives The word “Zen” means meditation, and meditation is certainly the best-known Zen practice. But meditation is not mere spiritual contemplation. In the Soto… Read More »No Lofty Objectives

In the World

In the World Do not live in the world,In distraction and false dreams,Outside the [Dharma]. Arise and watch.Follow the way joyfullyThrough this world and beyond.… Read More »In the World

Practice is Everything

Practice is Everything “Lama Marpa [Milarepa’s guru] took a wife for the benefit of beings. I have neither the intention nor the ability to act… Read More »Practice is Everything

Your Universe of Experience

Your Universe of Experience As Lord Krishna declared in the Srimad Bhagavata, “Karma is the guru; nay, it is the Supreme Lord.” Every physical or… Read More »Your Universe of Experience