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Organizations to Support

Support Black Owned Businesses on Miiriya

Miiriya is an online marketplace similar to Amazon, but all of its vendors are black small business owners and artists. All vendors are paid 100% of their earnings as the site/app does not use transaction or listing fees.

Digital Abolitionist

From their website, “The Digital Abolitionist is a platform on prison abolition. We track abolitionist efforts, create a platform for those directly impacted by the criminal legal system, and workshop alternatives to punishment.”


What is Racism?

A page explaining race as a concept and systemic racism

What Does the Acronym BIPOC mean?

When and how to use this acronym.


Anti-racism resources for parents and kids including articles, webinars and action guides.


A page exploring what it means to be white

White Fragility

Wikipedia page explaining the concept and history of white fragility.

Managing Privilege

A short web-comic exploring ways we can use our privileged identities for good.


Decolonizing Yoga

This website’s intention is to “highlight the voices of queer people, people of color, disability activists and more in relationship to yoga, spirituality and social justice”

Native Languages of the Americas

This site is dedicated to preserving and sharing Native languages of the Americas. Features online resources, including comprehensive information about legends, geographical distribution and resources for children.

Native Land Digital

What Indigenous land are we living on? This map of Indigenous treaties, territories and languages looks beyond colonial ways of thinking to better represent the way Indigenous people see themselves. Search your address to explore what Indigenous communities are in your area.

This page is regularly updated as we come into additional valuable resources and information