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BIPOC Owned Art Marketplaces

Buy Directly from Black Artists on Miiriya

Miiriya is an online marketplace similar to Amazon, but all of its vendors are black small business owners and artists. All vendors are paid 100% of their earnings as the site/app does not use transaction or listing fees.

Art from Death Row

From the web page, “The death penalty is still administered in 28 states. Despite its proven inefficiency, abhorrent cost, obvious disparate impact on underprivileged communities of color and its institutionalized disregard for human dignity, executions are still being carried out, notably in Texas and Alabama. Check out our exhibits featuring work from artists currently or formerly on death row.”


A global black owned marketplace for artists and businesses.


HellaBlack is a black owned online marketplace. Their mission, from their site is “To promote and elevate the stories behind the Black business owners, their brands, and celebrate the creativity and excellence of the African American community. “

Artists to Support

Mark Doox

From his About page, “His work is a meditation upon American democratic and spiritual ideals, the African-American experience, humanistic-existential reality, black folksy wisdom, and pragmatism. Doox’s offers a critique of American society and its spiritual and religious posturing, particularly in regards to the African-American presence and that of race in America.”


From their website, “Earthseed focuses on centering and amplifying Black voices in Northern New Mexico as well as collaborating with Indigenous artists, artists of color and the city’s artist community as a whole. We believe artists are both at the forefront of change and are critical to the preservation of culture.

Noé Barnett

Barnett is a professional muralist based in Albuquerque.

Aubree Sparks

Sparks is an Albuquerque based street and music photographer.

Donald Ali Roberts

Roberts is a New Mexico based visual artist and photographer.

This page is regularly updated as we come into additional valuable resources and information