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The Daily Dharma – April 13, 2021

Nun walking along covered deck surrounded by lush greenery at the Ryoanji Monastery in Kyoto, Japan.
Meditation Painting Seamus Berkeley

Continuing from The Untethered Soul . . .

Wait a minute. That’s a fascinating story, but I didn’t ask you what happened to you since the time you were born. I asked you, “Who are you?” You’ve just described all these experiences, but who had these experiences? Wouldn’t you still be in there, aware of your existence, even if you had gone to a different college?

So, you contemplate this, and you realize that never in your life have you asked yourself that question and really meant it. Who am I? That is really what Ramana Maharshi was asking. So you ponder this more seriously and you say,

Okay, I am the body that is occupying this space. I am five foot six inches tall and I weigh 135 pounds, and here I am.

from The Untethered Soul

To be continued . . .