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The Daily Dharma – April 22, 2021

Final moments of daylight illuminating red mesa walls near Abiquiu Lake, New Mexico.

Continuing from Living Buddha, Living Christ . . .

The First Precept is born from the awareness that lives everywhere are being destroyed. We see the suffering caused by the destruction of life, and we vow to cultivate compassion and use it as a source of energy for the protection of people, animals, plants, and minerals. No act of killing can be justified. And not to kill is not enough. We must also learn ways to prevent others from killing. We cannot condone any act of killing, even in our minds. According to the Buddha, the mind is the base of all actions. When you believe, for example, that yours is the only way for humankind, millions of people might be killed because of that idea. We have to look deeply every day to practice this precept well. Every time we buy or consume something, we may be condoning some form of killing.

Thich Nhat Hanh

To be continued . . .

World Turning Painting Seamus Berkeley