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The Daily Dharma – May 10, 2021

Oil painting of a red geranium surrounded by green leaves beside a blue stucco wall in San Antonio Huista, Guatemala.

Continuing from Living Buddha, Living Christ . . .

. . . We must also be careful to avoid ingesting toxins in the form of violent TV programs, video games, movies, magazines, and books. When we watch that kind of violence, we water our own negative seeds or tendencies, and eventually we will think and act out of those seeds. Because of the violent toxins in so many people’s minds, and in our minds too, it has become dangerous to walk alone at night in many cities. Young people stare at television sets hour after hour, and their minds are invaded by programs selected by irresponsible producers.

The Fifth Precept urges us to find wholesome, spiritual nourishment not only for ourselves but also for our children and future generations. Wholesome, spiritual nourishment can be found by looking at the blue sky, the spring blossoms, or the eyes of a child. The most basic meditation practice of becoming aware of our bodies, our minds, and our world can lead us into a far more rich and fulfilling state than drugs ever could. We can  celebrate the joys that are available in these simple pleasures.

Thich Nhat Hanh

To be continued . . .

Geranium Azul Painting Seamus Berkeley