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The Daily Dharma – May 12, 2021

Silhouettes of three people walking along a lake boardwalk with bright green umbrellas at West Lake, Hangzhou, China.

Continuing from Living Buddha, Living Christ

… The practice of mindfulness is to be aware of what is going on. Once we are able to see deeply the suffering and the roots of the suffering, we will be motivated to act, to practice. The energy we need is not fear or anger, but understanding and compassion. There is no need to blame or condemn. Those who destroy themselves, their families, and their society are not doing it intentionally. Their pain and loneliness are overwhelming, and they want to escape. They need to be helped, not punished. Only understanding and compassion on a collective level can liberate us. The practice of the Five Wonderful Precepts is the practice of mindfulness and compassion. I urge you to practice them as they are presented here, or go back to your own tradition and shed light on the jewels that are already there.

Thich Nhat Hanh

Silhouettes Painting Seamus Berkeley