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The Daily Dharma – May 20, 2021

Image of Osho

Continuing from Love, Freedom, Aloneness; The Koan of Relationships . . .

Then comes an even greater surprise: When you start giving your love to anybody, even to strangers, the question is not to whom you are giving it – the very joy of giving is so much that who cares who is on the receiving end? When this space comes into your being, you go on giving to each and everybody – not only to human beings, but also to animals, to the trees, to the faraway stars, because love is something that can be transferred even to the farthest star just by your loving look. Just by your touch, love can be transferred to a tree. Without saying a single word . . . it can be conveyed in absolute silence. It need not be said, it declares itself. It has its own ways of reaching into the very depths, into your being.

First, be full of love. Then the sharing happens. And then the great surprise . . . that as you give, you start receiving from unknown sources, from unknown corners, from unknown people, from trees, rivers, from mountains. From all nooks and corners of existence love starts showering on you. The more you give, the more you get. Life becomes a sheer dance of love.