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The Daily Dharma – July 3, 2021

OIl painting of the moon in a colorful sky at sunset above the silouhetted buildings of downtown Taos, New Mexico.

The teachings in this book are about finding such a path with heart, about undertaking a path that transforms and touches us in the center of our being. To do so is to find a way of practice that allows us to live in the world wholly and fully from our heart.

When we ask, “Am I following a path with heart?” we discover that no one can define for us exactly what our path should be. Instead, we must allow the mystery and beauty of this question to resonate within our being. Then somewhere within us an answer will come and understanding will arise. If we are still and listen deeply, even for a moment, we will know if we are following a path with heart.

Jack Kornfield
from A Path with Heart; A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life

Taos Aglow Painting Seamus Berkeley