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The Daily Dharma – July 11, 2021

Image of Sant Thakar Singh

Sant Kirpal Singh told the following story . . .

In 1957 when I was in the hills near Dehra Dun, I saw a person who had three things with him: a pair of shoes, one piece of cloth on his body, and one pot for keeping water or food in it. The pot had no lid, and the man used to cover it with the cloth for his body. I suggested to him that a lid could be provided for the pot so that he would not have the problem of covering the pot with the cloth.

He replied: “When I left my home, I decided that I will not increase my necessities beyond what I have with me. If today I need a lid, tomorrow I may need a torch for the night; next I may need a stick to support myself, and so on. My needs will go on increasing until I may find myself again in a house as a family man. I can go on living easily with only three things and feel satisfied.”

[Moral]: Have only one desire – to find God within yourself.

Sant Thakar Singh
from Good Stories Make Us Good