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The Daily Dharma – July 31, 2021

Continuing from Mystical Christianity: A Critique from Within

Full moon in a dark evening sky juxtaposed above a cross at the top of a monastery.
Moon Crossing Painting Seamus Berkeley

A large percentage of religious people become and remain quite rigid thinkers because their religion taught them that to be faithful, obedient, and stalwart in the ways of God, they had to create order. They too are not bad people; they simply never learned much about wisdom, paradox, or mystery as the very nature of faith. When so many become professional church workers without going through spiritual transformation at any deep level, religious work becomes a career, and church becomes something one “attends.” Real transformation is not called for or even desired. This has been going on for centuries, and in all religions.

Richard Rohr
from The Naked Now; Learning to See as the Mystics See

To be continued . . .