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The Daily Dharma – August 5, 2021

Oil painting of an interior view of the Ludlow Cafe in Ludlow, California looking through colorful faux stained glass windows.
What’s Going on in Ludlow Cafe? Painting Seamus Berkeley

Yes and no
Aren’t so far apart
Lovely and ugly
Aren’t so unlike
What others fear
We too must fear
Before the moon wanes
Everyone is gay
As if they were at the Great Sacrifice
Or climbing a tower in spring
I sit here and make no sign
Like a child that doesn’t smile
Lost with no one to turn to
While others enjoy more
I alone seem forgotten
My mind is so foolish
So simple
Others look bright
I alone seem dim
Others are certain
I alone am confused
Receding like the ocean
Waxing without cease
Everyone has a goal
I alone and dumb and backward
For I alone chose to differ
Preferring still my mother’s breast

from The Taoteching

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