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The Daily Dharma – August 17, 2021

The Voice in the Head (continued)

One of a series of oil paintings for the project ‘Plenty Hidden’, a collaboration between Seamus Berkeley, painter, and Amy Moon, author, exploring the modern phenomenon of self-storage, how prevalent it is in America and yet almost completely hidden from our awareness. Orange in Blue, Original oil on canvas, 12" x 10"
Orange in Blue Painting Seamus Berkeley

I was still thinking about her when I was in the men’s room prior to entering the library. As I was washing my hands, I thought: I hope I don’t end up like her. The man next to me looked briefly in my direction, and I suddenly was shocked when I realized that I hadn’t just thought those words, but mumbled them aloud. “Oh my God. I’m already like her,” I thought. Wasn’t my mind as incessantly active as hers? There were only minor differences between us. The predominant underlying emotion behind her thinking seemed to be anger. In my case, it was mostly anxiety. She thought out loud. I thought – mostly – in my head. If she was mad, then everyone was mad, including myself. There were differences in degree only.

Eckhart Tolle
from A New Earth; Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose