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The Daily Dharma – August 27, 2021

On trip through the southwest United States, stopped at a bridge in a remote area of Utah. The silence was profound; it seemed as if the rocks surrounding the area were absorbing all the sound. Then there was the sun hovering above the confluence of the Colorado and Dirty Devil Rivers, just above the horizon to the west only a few minutes before sunset. Memorable moment of nature in it's awesome display of beauty and inspiration for this painting! Baffling Silence, Original oil on canvas, 12" x 7" Framed prints and canvases, digital download, commercial and advertising licensing of photographs by Seamus Berkeley.
Baffling Silence Painting Seamus Berkeley

Today the unnecessary suffering on this earth is great for people who could have “known better,” and should have been taught better by their religions. In the West, religion became preoccupied with telling people what to know more than how to know, and telling people what to see more than how to see. We ended up seeing Holy Things faintly, trying to understand Great Things with a whittled-down mind, and trying to love God with our own small and divided heart. It has been like trying to view the galaxies with a $5 pair of binoculars.

Richard Rohr
from The Naked Now; Learning to See as the Mystics See
Chapter: We Should Have “Known” Better