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The Daily Dharma – September 8, 2021

Dance(I) Painting by Henri Matisse

Continuing from When you Greet Me I Bow . . .

[The recognition that the world is a beautiful gift, and we are at its center always] comes to us primarily not as a thought or even as an emotion but as a physical experience so compelling we are overcome with an impulse to merge with another, and through that other, with the whole world. We want to pour ourselves out of ourselves and into the beloved, as if our body were water. Love, then is quite naturally and positively connected with the sexual. Minds don’t love, nor do hearts. These are abstractions. Whole bodies love, and naturally we want to cuddle, kiss, touch, hold, and feel the literal warmth of the other penetrate our body.

Norman Fischer
from When You Greet Me I Bow; Notes and Reflections from a Life in Zen
Chapter: Falling in Love

To be continued . . .