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The Daily Dharma – October 3, 2021

Photo by Saymon Sami

Some people were travelling in a boat. There were judges, orators, lawyers, and industrialists – many great people. At some point during the boat ride, they asked the boatman, “What is your knowledge? What do you know?” The boatman replied, “I do not know anything.”

So the passengers began chiding him: “Oh, you have not learned anything? You should be worried about not knowing anything! You should have learned many things or you will be sorry!”

The boatman was very disturbed that he had not learned any of the things that his passengers had mentioned.

Later in the day, a violent thunderstorm came up and the boat began to sink. Everybody was about to drown, so the boatman asked, “Do any of you know how to swim?” All of the passengers answered, “No!”

“If you do not know how to swim, then all your skills are good for nothing, because now you are in the river and you will drown!”

Moral: True knowledge is when we wake up to the reality of God and the Kingdom of God.

Sant Thakar Singh
from Good Stories Make Us Good