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The Daily Dharma – October 30, 2021

Fence at Sundown by Markus Spiske

Continuing from The Untethered Soul . . .

This may not sound frightening; it may sound safe. But it’s not. If you do this, the world truly becomes threatening. Life becomes a “me against it” situation. When you have fear, insecurity, or weakness inside of you, and you attempt to keep it from being stimulated, there will inevitably be events and changes in life that challenge your efforts. Because you resist these changes, you feel that you are struggling with life. You feel like this person is not behaving the way they should, and this event is not unfolding the way you want. You see situations that happened in the past as disturbing and you see things down the road as potential problems. Your definitions of “desirable” and “undesirable,” as well as “good” and “bad,” all come about because you have defined how things need to be in order for you to be okay.  

Michael Singer
from The Untethered Soul
Chapter: Let Go Now or Fall