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Some Working Definitions – Our Anti Racism Glossary

It is important have clarity in what is meant with the use of certain words, since we don’t always necessarily share the same understanding of these words. These differing understandings are where miscommunication and frustration can arise. As examples, many of us have different experiences of words like “racism,” “white,” and “person of color.”

On this page we have listed some working definitions that we will be using on Undoing Racism future blog posts.

These are by no means the only possible definitions for these terms, as language is fluid and constantly changing. For that reason, we intend to update this glossary as we come to know new meanings for this terminology.

Is there a word, phrase, or concept of which you’ve encountered recently for which you’d like clearer understanding? Please let us know! Click here to reach out to us with an email.

-Your Friends at Undoing Racism