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Learning Whose Land We’re On

Shifting our focus from the often fabricated and whitewashed narrative of Thanksgiving, we want to acknowledge that most of us are living on land that did not truly belong to our ancestors.

This interactive map, created by Indigenous-led non-profit Native Led Digital, shows your area’s Indigenous territories and languages.

Silver City, and most of southwestern New Mexico was originally inhabited by the Chiricahua Apache before being forcibly removed by the U.S army. Still, the Chiricahua culture remains alive and vibrant.

Search around the map, and let us know what you find. Does anything surprise you? Share with us in a comment below.

-Your friends at Undoing Racism

2 thoughts on “Learning Whose Land We’re On”

  1. I have seen this map and am amazed at all the info and tribal names.
    I spoke to Joe Saenz when he spoke at UU in July & asked him about this particular area’s name. He said it is called Chi’hende ( a part of Chiricahua Apache). What a different world it was during the time before various foreigners came.

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