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Support BIPOC Owned Businesses This Holiday Season

One of the best ways to support our BIPOC friends and neighbors is with buying power. Purchasing from smaller, BIPOC owned businesses, a seemingly small act, has significant, tangible impact.

With holidays coming up, and gift giving in the forefront of many minds, consider using these sites to support BIPOC small business owners this year and beyond:


Miiriya is an online marketplace similar to Amazon, but all of its vendors are black small business owners and artists. All vendors are paid 100% of their earnings as the site/app does not use transaction or listing fees.


A list of online Native-owned businesses organized through the senses (Look, Feel, Taste/Smell, and Listen)

List of 109 AAPI (Asian Amerian Pacific Islander) Owned Businesses

This list of AAPI owned businesses is organized by gift categories

List of 80 Latinx Owned Businesses

This list of Latinx owned businesses is organized by gift categories

If you don’t see your favorite BIPOC owned business in any of these lists, share them with us in a comment below!

-Your friends at Undoing Racism