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The Daily Dharma – December 30, 2021

Rosa Awakening by Uleli

So the question is: What do we have to do to wake up? This is a very important question. Of course, there are many people who do not want to wake up. Many spiritual people, even Buddhist people, do not want to wake up. That’s not their main motivation; not why they are on the path. Many people are on the spiritual path with a desire to find a sense of security, psychological comfort, or a sanctuary, not with a genuine desire to wake up. It is amazing that this mind invents fear and misery out of nothingness, and then also invents false sanctuaries, invents comfort, eternal comfort. Our mind is like a computer playing a computer game. In these games, we can have enemies and an army and we can have battles with very powerful weapons. But none of these are real; it is only a virtual creation. This is how our mind works. Mind creates struggle, with all of this fear, loneliness, hatred, and divisions between subject and object. And then mind also creates some kind of sanctuary or comfort. So the point is: not everybody is trying to wake up. If that were true, we would live in a different kind of worldly society.

Anam Thubten
The Magic of Awareness