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The Daily Dharma – January 1, 2021

God in Nature and Revelation

The life that we are talking about waking up to is not this usual life that has all of these remembered stories. It is life that is in some sense actually quite mysterious. It is not your life or my life; it is the totality of life. It does not exclude anything; it encompasses everything—the clouds in the sky as well as the bird flying above us. It includes the breath we are taking in as well as the insect crawling on the ground. It includes the dew on the grass in the morning as well as the traffic on the highway. It includes the bliss in our hearts and the pain in our joints, everything we are witnessing, everything we are glimpsing when we are no longer lost in the troubled mind. That is life. Life is actually big. It is infinite. It is boundless.

Anam Thubten
The Magic of Awareness