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Heart Conversations – The Path

Held on the 1st and 3rd Sundays of Each Month

2:00 — 3:30 PM

Please join us for a Heart Conversation this Sunday, March 6, from 2:00 to 3:30 PM indoors at Lotus Center. Here is this Sunday’s conversation topic . . .

Topic: The Path

We are all on a path. For some of us, it’s a work (i.e., employment) path; for others, it’s a parenting path; for still others, it’s a spiritual path; and for many of us, our path is, of course, a combination of several different paths.

It is said that to experience growth from a path, one must practice that path. At the same time, skillful practice of a path can be fraught with obstacles and hazards. For example, a typical western view of spiritual practice (which dovetails fully with our conventional materialistic and psychological view) is that one practices a path in order to achieve a desired outcome, which comes after the practice has been accomplished, as a consequence of it. After all, what would be the point of practice if it weren’t a process leading to a positive result?

13th-century meditation master Dogen Zenji disagrees: he says that the notion that practice leads to enlightenment (or “union with God,” or “union with the divine,” or whatever is the outcome of your path) is wrong, it’s a superficial view. Practice doesn’t lead to enlightenment: a moment of practice is a moment of enlightenment. 

So, how is your practice of your path going? How do you feel about the path itself? Has it changed for you over the last few days, months, years? Are you still confident in your path? Have you modified it? Overhauled it? Abandoned it? Doubled down on it?

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The sharing circles follow a format similar to that of 12-step recovery meetings. Personal sharing, rather than academic or philosophical views, will be encouraged; “cross-talking” is not allowed, and; all that is shared will be retained in confidence. No registration is required.

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