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Darling, You Are My Home, Part 2

Mindfulness is the answer photo by Anastasia Kuptsova

When I meet myself, I see a lot of space. When you are there with yourself, taking care of yourself, there is space in you, vast enough for the white clouds to travel in. 

Tinh Thuy’s song continues: “I still have my future. I still have my past. That is why I feel light and happy today.” Where is your future? Where is your past? You can discover your future, and your past, just by going back to yourself. Of course, your ancestors are there within you. When you go back to yourself, you touch your ancestors. Your grandpa and grandma, your father and mother are alive in you. Your ancestors have never died. They are still in you. You only need to practice mindful breathing to touch them and smile.

Thich Nhat Hanh
from Going Home

To be continued . . .