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Darling, You Are My Home, Part 3

Lemon Drop Blossom (Capsicum baccatum cv. Lemond Drop)

In former lives, you were a tree, a rock, a cloud, a rabbit, a deer. All these things are still in you and you can touch them. They belong to your home. Go back and touch these elements and you will see that your Dharma body is huge and your home is vast. Your brothers and sisters, your children and their children, your students and their students are there. They are not just around you, they are within you. 

Imagine a lemon tree in springtime. There are a lot of beautiful white lemon blossoms. You don’t see any lemons on the tree, yet you know that the lemons are already there. Because the lemon blossoms are there, the lemons are there. So even if you are still young, you can touch your children and your grandchildren within you. Your children and your grandchildren also constitute your home. 

Thich Nhat Hanh
from Going Home

To be continued . . .