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The Voice Inside Your Head — Part 2

Mr Pipo Thoughts by Nevit

If you’re smart, you’ll take the time to step back, examine this voice, and get to know it better. The problem is, you’re too close to being objective. You have to step way back and watch it converse. While you’re driving, you hear internal conversations like,

“Wasn’t I supposed to call Fred? I should have. Oh my God, I can’t believe I forgot! He’s going to be so mad. He may never talk to me again. Maybe I should stop and call him right now. No. I don’t want to stop the car right now . . . ” 

Notice that the voice takes both sides of the conversation. It doesn’t care which side it takes, just as long as it gets to keep talking. When you’re tired and trying to sleep, it’s the voice inside your head that says, 

“What am I doing? I can’t go to sleep yet. I forgot to call Fred. I remembered in the car but I didn’t call. If I don’t call now . . . oh wait, it’s too late. I shouldn’t call him now. I don’t even know why I’m thinking about it now. I need to get to sleep. Oh shoot, now I can’t get to sleep. I’m not tired anymore. But I have a big day tomorrow and I have to get up early.”

No wonder you can’t sleep! Why do you even tolerate that voice talking to you all the time? Even if what it’s saying is soothing and nice, it’s still disturbing everything you’re doing.

Michael Singer
from The Untethered Soul

To be continued . . .