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At Home in Your Dharma Body — Part 1

Manichaean Painting of the Buddha Jesus

It is very fortunate that you have Jesus Christ as your home. He is a reality. One of the conditions that helps you recognize and identify him as your home is that he was a human being. What if we only have an idea, a notion of God? God is concrete in the form of a human being: God the Son, Jesus Christ.

It is also fortunate that in Buddhism, the Dharmakaya, the body of the Dharma, is embodied in a very concrete way, by the presence of a human being, the Buddha Shakyamuni. It’s much easier for you to touch the absolute, the ultimate when you are able to touch a human being. That is why we tend to think of God as a human being, as having a body. God as a person. 

Thich Nhat Hanh
from Going Home; Jesus and Buddha as Brothers

To be continued . . .