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Cultural Appropriation and How To Avoid It

(Transcript from Instagram Video:

“Gorgeous kimono!”


Let’s talk Cultural Appropriation.

Genuinely learning and connecting with other cultures toward a mutual benefit? That’s appreciation.

Appropriation is taking aspects of another culture for personal gain while erasing the origin and meaning.

To avoid this:

Take responsibility and be honest, especially when you’re wrong or uninformed. It’s the only way to learn and grow.

Check your motivations. Do you really need to wear the thing? Do you really need to participate?

Don’t use other cultures to satisfy feelings of:



or Uniqueness.

Ask: Is it accurate?

Cultural appropriation erases



and Complexity.

All while claiming to “make it better.”

That’s what colonizers do. Yikes.

Determine who is profiting.

Profits shouldn’t go to companies or people with no roots in the culture of origin.

Buy directly from communities.

But remember, just because it’s one sale doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for you.

Ask: Is there a deeper meaning?

For example, yoga is not “just stretching.”

Take note of what’s erased when things go “mainstream.” And take interest in learning more.)

@blairimani ‘s Smarter in Seconds series is a wealth of information on socio-cultural issues and accessibility.

-Your Friends at Undoing Racism