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Nobel Prize Sperm Banks (Part 1)

You may remember that some years ago a series of articles ran in the newspapers about plans to start a sperm bank for Nobel Prize winners. At this time, a concerned feminist wrote to the Boston Globe pointing out that if there were sperm banks there should also be egg banks. The Boston Globe printed a letter of reply to her from George Wald, himself a Nobel Prize-winning biologist from Harvard University, a gentleman and a man of wisdom at that. George Wald wrote to her:

“You’re absolutely right. It takes an egg as well as a sperm to start a Nobel Laureate. Every one of them has had a mother as well as a father. You can say all you want of fathers, but their contributions to conception is really rather small…“

Jack Kornfield
from A Path with Heart; A Guide Through the Perils and Promises of Spiritual Life

To be continued…