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Are Hispanics White? Part 6 of 6

(Transcript from Tiktok:

This will not only give us a better idea of how many people identify as Hispanic or Latino but could also give us a better idea of multiracial and multiethnic numbers. So, to return to the original question: Are Hispanic or Latino people white? Well, some are and some aren’t. But, to quote the 2013 Census Bureau Report, “Race and ethnicity are not quantifiable values. Rather, identity is a complex mix of one’s family and social environment, historical or socio-political constructs, personal experiences, context, and many other immeasurable factors.

Hm, surprisingly woke, coming from the Census.

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Do you ever experience confusion related to your own racial or ethnic identity? Was anything in this series new information to you? Please share your thoughts with us in a comment below!

-Your Friends at Undoing Racism