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Heart Conversation — Sunday, June 19

Here is this Sunday’s conversation topic: Fathers

If we are committed to mental, emotional and relationships health, we will need to take the journey of understanding our relationship with our parents. Some avoid this journey at all costs. Others wash over it without healthy awareness. There is good, bad, and even ugly that many of us experience when it comes to our relationship with our parents.

Since June 19 is Father’s Day, how about we talk about our relationship with our father?

We are not attempting to place a shadow of blame or dishonor upon our dad, we do encourage the process of healthy recognition–appreciating the blessings but also being well aware of the broken patterns that manifested in our relationship with our father.

Good things can happen when we recognize how our relationship with our parents – and for purposes of this Heart Conversation, our father in particular – impacted how we think, believe, and relate. Possible contemplations might include . . .

 Was your father present during your developmental years? Was he an absentee father? Whichever it was for you, how did/does it affect you?
 Was your dad emotionally available? Unavailable? How did/does it affect you?
 How did your relationship with your father inform how you show up as a father? (if applicable)
 Did/do you have a stepfather? If so, how did his presence affect your upbringing? Did your stepfather influence, positively or negatively, your dynamic with your biological father?
 Are you at peace with your relationship with your father? Are there things that you want to tell him? (or wish you had told him, if he has passed on from this world?)