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Ballet for Adults Resumes on July 20!

Ballet for Adults w/ Victoria Stinez
Wednesdays Beginning July 20; 9:30 to 10:45 AM
In-person, Indoors at Lotus Center (no pre-registration required)

Adult ballet is a beginner friendly/intermediate paced class focusing on the basic principles of classical ballet. It will involve stretching, warmups, barre work, and center work. As the class progresses, we will do more choreography as well. The goal for this class is to enjoy the art of ballet while also working on the technique aspect individually. This class will be steady paced, and any level of dancer is welcome.

Attire: ballet shoes, bare feet, or socks
Clothing: Dancer’s choice, anything easy to move in and what you feel comfortable in
Cost: $10 drop-in; $8 w/ a Lotus Class Card

“I am so thankful I can always run to dance. It impacts my mental health more than I could ever imagine. Dancing through your art is so special and rare. There is a perfect balance of structure and letting go. After every class, there is always a release. Whatever you were holding onto so tightly, its free now, and so are you. That is a GIFT and I love to share that with other dancers” -Victoria