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A Deeper look into talking about Race

Books in a stack by Austin Evan

“In the words of Louise, a Black female student:

One of the greatest things I learned from this semester in general is that the world is not only Black and White, nor is the United States. I learned a lot about my own erasure of many American ethnic groups. . .. I am in the (immersion) stage of my identity development. I think I am also dangling a little in the (encounter) stage. I say this because a lot of my energies are still directed toward White people. I began writing a poem two days ago and it was directed to White racism. However, I have also become more Black-identified. I am reaching to the strength in Afro-American heritage. I am learning more about the heritage and history of Afro-American culture. Knowledge = strength and strength = power.”

From Learning about Racism by BEVERLY DANIEL TATUM, page 22 see full PDF below:

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