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The Grounding Anchor

“Awareness of what it is to incarnate in this time of human evolution calls for working with children and
families in a new way. There have always been gifts and challenges at any time of incarnation. If we look at the painting of Sistine Madonna and the faces of the children in the clouds, we can call to mind what extraordinary courage children have in coming to the earth in our time. If they have that much courage, at least someone can be here to receive and support these children and their parents on their journey. How do we help each human being find his individual path to this personal mansion of the human physical body?

The gift we can give is to offer the context and opportunities for him to find the way to who he is and what he has come to earth to do. We have ourselves biographical moments when we feel we have aligned ourselves in knowing what our earthly task is. Sometimes we take the right fork in the road, sometimes a detour. From anthroposophy we
know that each person does have a destiny and comes with pre-earthly intentions. Each human has a reason to
come to the earth. What a gift it is to hold this picture and be in relationship with the child to see his gift. Obstacles are part of the journey, making us resilient. But obstacles always want to be manageable and want to be
carried in relationship with other humans. The reason we come to the earth is to meet one another. We have
come to encounter one another. It is not always easy, but it is the relationships that make us human. This is
the grounding anchor in the world—relationship.”

Creating Space for Parents to Tell Their Sacred Stories
Susan Weber

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