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Faith is a Living Thing, Part 4

Concentration is the food of understanding. You have to be concentrated for understanding to be possible. When you want to solve a mathematical problem you have to be concentrated. You cannot turn on the radio and let your mind be dispersed. When you are standing in front of a tree, you have to concentrate on that tree. This brings you an understanding of the tree. In our daily life, we have to live in a concentrated way. When eating, you have to eat in concentration. Samadha pracie is very important. You have to dwell in concentration all day. Walking, you dwell firmly in the walking. Sitting, you dwell firmly in the sitting. Breathing, you are fully aware of your breathing. 

Concentration also has its food, which is called “mindfulness.” Mindfulness is to be here now. Eating mindfully, walking mindfully, sitting mindfully, and hugging mindfully is where you develop concentration. Because you are concentrated, you are able to understand. If you are able to understand, your faith is strengthened. Mindfulness, energy, diligence. 

Thich Nhat Hanh
from Going Home; Jesus and Buddha as Brothers 

to be continued . . .

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