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True Dana (True Generosity)

There’s an old story about heaven and hell. You’re invited to a banquet with all sorts of delicious foods, prepared by the finest chefs in the world. But as you’re about to eat, you realize that your chopsticks are so long that you can’t get any food into your mouth! This is more than frustrating, if you’re very hungry. This is hell!

The next night you’re at the same banquet table again, with the same exquisite food, and the same chopsticks; however, this time you realize that when you pick up the food, you can reach far enough to feed the person across the table from you. And immediately, that person spontaneously feeds you in return. Here is the difference between heaven and hell. The table is the same, but your response has changed. This is “dana,” true generosity.

Jakusho Kwong-roshi
from Mind Sky

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