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Preparing for Rebirth

A big question that exists in the West is whether or not something of us continues when we physically die. If we can connect with any aspect of reality that is beyond the normal limits of the thinking mind, then we must ask where this reality comes from, and how it came into existence. If we can prove to ourselves through investigation that it has no beginning, then perhaps we can accept that it has no ending. We do not need dramatic, life-shattering experiences of luminosity to pursue this question. We can start with sneezes, or yawns, or meditation exercises, or noticing the details of breathing in and out — anything that automatically contains a gap. But to get anywhere in our investigations, we have to be willing to relax our fixed minds and to let go of our ideas of what is real. Letting go itself is an example of dying. But recognition of this dying is what allows us to inhabit the continuous cycle of dying and being reborn with ease.

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
from In Love with the World; What a Monk Can Teach You About LIving from Nearly Dying

Youngey Mingyur Rinphoche
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