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Developing Bodhicitta

“Developing bodhicitta is giving rise to the most noble aspiration that a human being can hold. It is not like wishing for more money, success, or worldly glory, but rather it aims for something extramundane such as nirvana, enlightenment, or absolute freedom. The commitment is to use any means necessary to actualize such a vision, not only for personal benefit but for the sake of all beings. Such a state of mind may seem unnatural to us because humans are typically self-centered and act only for our own benefit. This may be true to a certain extent, but there is also a greatness in the human spirit. Sometimes people do act selflessly and courageously on behalf of others, which can be shocking to witness. The altruistic concern for others is in us and often guides our actions in large and small ways, without any need to make news headlines of our heroic acts. If such a motivation were not an innate part of humans, not part of our DNA, then perhaps no one would be talking about this topic at all. Developing bodhicitta is in fact natural to us. It becomes an obvious truth once we intentionally practice it.”

Excerpt From
Into the Haunted Ground
Anam Thubten