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Save the Dates: Eco Dharma Introductory Talks!

Introductory Talk: Eco Dharma … Etc. with B Sitkin

This ongoing class offers a variety of meditative practices and contemplations to help transition from the meditation cushion to encountering the world. Eco Dharma focuses on reconnecting with Nature through activities based on our spectrum of 54 senses (that’s right, 48 more than the traditional five senses!). The “etcetera” part of the class will introduce the art of healing-listening, working with different aspects of our personalities that may be in conflict with one another, and how nature can help us release ego (a.k.a, our “sense of self” or the “I”). Each class will serve as homework assignments for the two-week period between classes.

About the instructor:
B Sitkin’s introduction to meditation started while training as a Postural Integrator and Iyengar yoga teacher at Heartwood College of the Healing Arts in Santa Cruz, California during the late 70’s. Formal Buddhist training in the Kagyu lineage began in 2017 while attending Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado where he received a bachelor’s degree in Contemplative Art Therapy, Sacred Ecology, and Religious Studies.

Eco Dharma, Etc. — Introductory Talks with B. Sitkin
Saturday, February 24; 1:00 to 2:30 PM
Wednesday, February 28; 2:00 to 3:00 PM
Cost: By donation, with no one being turned away for lack of funds.

Note: The talks will meet at Lotus Center. Weather permitting, we may go outside (to the museum grounds, for example, for some introductory practices.


TLC (“The Lotus Center”) in the Community . . . Yoga in Public Schools

Yoga in Public Schools (“YIPS”) is a community service project of Lotus Center, which began during the 2017/18 school year. Our mission for YIPS is to bring non-religious yoga classes, as part of their Physical Education curriculum, to public schools in Grant County, New Mexico. Thus far, Lotus instructors have taught yoga to students at Bayard Elementary, San Lorenzo Elementary, La Plata Middle, Guadalupe Elementary, Cliff, Silver High, Snell Middle, and Jose Barrios Elementary schools. YIPS is part of Lotus Center’s community service program, and is provided at no cost to the schools or the students.

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