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Save the Date: Saturday, February 24 – Feng Shui for Your Secret Garden

Feng Shui for Your Secret Garden: Empowering Your Garden for Beauty, Wealth, and Harmony

Your garden may not be so secret, but you can learn ancient Feng Shui secrets to make it special!

Whether you want a vegetable garden or food forest, an oriental, classical or contemporary style of garden, this workshop will help you discover cross-cultural techniques of energy
movement to capture the beneficial chi and bring balance and harmony to your home and your life through your garden, landscaping, and water features.

Feng Shui Garden Workshop
Saturday, February 24, 1-4 pm
Location: Lotus Center
Cost: $35

The first half of this workshop will cover Feng Shui theory and principles. During the second half, we will look at participants’ garden plans and discuss them in relation to Feng Shui principles. Discussions may include food forests, companion planting, perelandra, and biodynamic gardening.
Bring your garden plan sketches to discuss!

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