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The Yoga of Discerning Godly and Ungodly Natures

When the aspiring yogi thus ventures forth, she will witness the different layers protecting her false sense of identity slowly dissolving. And so she will find herself cast in a light that is not always flattering.

At this moment she will vividly perceive so many unwanted qualities in herself, and during this time of self-reflection, she invariably will ask herself whether or not she is even qualified to tread on this sacred path.

But even amidst this turmoil, the wise cyclist pushes on, well aware that there is nothing else in this world worth pursuing. She might shift down and go slower, but resolute in her quest, she will one day reach the peak as she continues moving forward.

Knowing this, the yogi, already perfected in her practice, does not judge those only now embarking on their trek. Looking at them she sees not their past nor even their present condition, but only the limitless potential they carry within. She is well aware that they too, one day, will attain their goal.

Kaisa and Christoffer Leka
from Tour d’ Europe

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