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Practice is Everything

“Lama Marpa [Milarepa’s guru] took a wife for the benefit of beings. I have neither the intention nor the ability to act in that way. To do so would be like a rabbit bounding along in the guise of a lion, it would fall into an abyss and surely die. Broadly speaking, I’ve become wary of [the cycle of samsara] and I have an urgent desire for nothing but the lama’s instructions and for practice. That I practice in mountain retreat is the very core of the lama’s advice. Only in this way can I emulate his life. Through practice I will surely fulfill his wishes. Through practice, I will benefit the [Dharma] and all sentient beings. Through practice, my parents will be rescued. Through practice, my own aims will also be realized. I know nothing but practice, I am good for nothing but practice, I think about nothing but practice.”

In response to a suggestion that he marry and live a domesticated life
from The Life of Milarepa

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