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New Class Fees at Lotus Starting July 12

June 3, 2024

Dear Beloved Lotus Center Community,

It’s hard to believe that January 3, 2025 will mark Lotus Center’s 10th birthday! We continue to be grateful and humbled by the contributions of everyone in our community who have enabled us to endure and to thrive: Lotus’ volunteers, instructors, employees, donors, board members . . . and, of course, our patrons.

We are very fortunate that, during these nine-and-a-half years, Lotus Center’s financial operations have been such that raising our class fees has not been necessary. Part of these favorable financial circumstances comes from our being a community-owned, non-profit organization; happily, maximizing profits is never a motivation for any decision we make for our community center.

At the same time, simply stated, over the last 9.5 years our cost of doing business has increased. As such, after careful consideration and analysis, Lotus Center’s class fees will be increasing. Effective July 12, class fees will be:

$12 drop-in (up from $10) for all hour and 75-minute-long Yoga and Tai Chi classes
$100 for a Class Card (up from $80, thus making the per-class cost $10)

$8 drop-in (up from $7) for Ecstatic Dance
$30 (up from $25) for Ecstatic Dance cards of five dances

Please note that all existing yoga and dance cards will be honored until they are used up (i.e., your existing cards will never expire and can be used until they are exhausted). Also, please note that all meditations and meditation classes will continue to be offered by donation.

Should you have questions about any aspect of these class fee changes, please don’t hesitate to write to us at

Thank you for your understanding and ongoing support of our community-owned Lotus Center.

With love on behalf of Lotus’ employees and the board or directors,

jeff goin
executive director


Our Vision:

Our vision is to see peace in southwest New Mexico, and the world.

We believe that each of us, individually, is best able to create peace in our world, in our community, and in our families, by first creating peace within ourselves.

Lotus Center is a place of healing where all people are welcome to deepen their sense of peace through love and service. Our commitment is to offer this space to anyone and everyone seeking peace from within.

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