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Loving Life as It Is

“When we say “taking happiness and suffering as the path,” it does not mean we change the conditions of life. We cannot end suffering or manufacture everlasting happiness on the spot; those conditions still arise. When we hear the word happiness, we recognize it as something desirable. If we see a book written about happiness, we are likely to grab it and read it as quickly as possible to help us understand how to find happiness. We treat suffering as something we don’t want; it’s bad or taboo, and we want to distance ourselves from it and push it away. Yet we are always inseparable from our suf-fering-we cannot get rid of it. What changes is how we experience happiness and suffering.

Crucial to this path is the ability to recognize: recognize happiness, recognize suffering, and to rest our minds in the in-between, unconditioned state.”

Excerpt From

Loving Life as It Is

Chakung Jigme Wangdrak

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