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The Daily Dharma – November 3, 2021

Reflections in Ball of Glass by Frank Eiffert

King Akbar and the Longer Line

A king in India, whose name was Akbar, drew a straight line on the ground. He asked the audience if they could shorten the line without bending it or cutting it. Everybody wondered about the answer to the puzzle. Finally, one of his very wise ministers got up and drew a longer line next to the first line. The first line was automatically shortened. It was not bent; it was not cut; but it was shorter.

Similarly in this way, you are not to bend or cut another’s opinion. You are to draw your own line – a longer line. Then let the other people decide what is greater and what is shorter, what is good or bad. We are not to decide for them; we are only to lay the truth before them.

Moral: Truth is never preached, for one has to realize it first within oneself.

Sant Thakar Singh
from Good Stories Make Us Good