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The Daily Dharma – December 9, 2021

Laying Down Alone by Joshua Fuller

“Meditation is about resting completely. Not just physically resting but resting completely. Complete rest includes letting go of all forms of mental effort. Mind is always busy doing something. Mind has a very huge job to do. It has to sustain the universe. It has to sustain existence, because if our mind collapses then there is no universe. Just like the Buddha says, “Nothing is real. There is no nirvana. There is no samsara. There is no suffering. There is no imprisonment.” There is nothing there when mind stops maintaining this virtual reality. There is no universe. It’s like riding a bicycle. When you ride a bicycle you have to constantly keep pedaling. If you pause and stop pedaling, the bicycle doesn’t run on its own. It just falls over. In the same way, as long as we don’t create this imaginary world, this imaginary reality, then it just collapses.”

Excerpt From
No Self, No Problem
Anam Thubten edited by Sharon Roe