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Into the Haunted Ground (Part 2)

Anam Thubten

A Guide to Cutting the Root of Suffering

“Chöd practice is a friendly approach to working with our human neuroses. This kind of approach is needed for both religious and secular people in the modern world. So many people are stuck in their internal conflict, not knowing how to bring about swift inner transformation. In Chöd, fear, jealousy, and hatred are all invited in with a spirit of love and acceptance. Not only are they welcomed in, but we even visualize offering them a feast. We imagine our neuroses in an archetypal form, like demonic beings, hungry ghosts, or green-eyed monsters. But they are not treated as an enemy within that should be suppressed. Instead, Chöd practice brings all of them into awareness with such a positive attitude that their energetic grip on our psyche is diminished.”

From Into the Haunted Ground
by Anam Thubten