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To Be Empty and Everything

In the Bodhisattva path there is a stage called omniscience. Omniscience means that you can see everything. But it’s not a supernormal power, like clairvoyance. Omniscience means that you see all things in their true aspect, the fluid cooperative pattern of emptiness. When you can see one thing truly then you are seeing everything. Whatever is in front of you is all things, and each thing is complete. So if you are a woman, you can see that woman is empty and includes everything. If you are an Asian, you see Asian is empty and includes everything. When we can see things in this way, we can celebrate our own history without needing to denigrate other people. A Jew who can appreciate the true universal and empty nature of being a Jew can see that being a Palestinian is included in that. There is no need to hurt anyone else.

Norman Fischer
from When You Greet Me I Bow

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