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The Beauty of a Murmuration

Please give yourself the gift of this remarkable, two-minute video . . . A collection of starlings is called a “Murmuration.”

What Is Love?

‘Love is to see the self in all the world.’ Timely article by Bapu Vaitla on love and coronavirus. An excerpt: “I’d arrived at Green… Read More »What Is Love?

Anahata Chakra

Anahata chakra is the fourth chakra and is also known as the heart chakra. In yoga, chakras are known as centers of energy concentration where… Read More »Anahata Chakra

Now Offering: Live Outside Classes!

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Hi, Everybody! Lotus Center is happy to announce our schedule of live, outdoor classes. Please note that these outdoor classes are in addition to our… Read More »Now Offering: Live Outside Classes!

Fall Cleanse on Ayurvedic Principles

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Guided by Cate Bradley Ayurveda is the companion discipline to yoga; both impart the wisdom of over 5,000 years of health, well-being, and living a… Read More »Fall Cleanse on Ayurvedic Principles


This beautiful image of Quan Yin is shown in the resting pose. All bodhisattvas need to balance their time blessing the world. We act, we… Read More »Balance


Through ages, great beings have come among us to show us the way, to show us, by their words and actions, by their teachings, who… Read More »Way-Showers